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Top 10 Sports Games For Android and iOS in 2020-part one

Hey everyone today we’re gonna take a look at the top 10 best sports games for your Android and iOS device.

Let’s jump into the video starting at number 10 we have MLB 9 innings 19. This is a simple game because it’s easy to play so everyone will be able to play this game. This game features 30 different Major League Baseball teams, besides that it also provides their rosters that you can choose to play. In addition, it also offers some options to play. The graphics of the game are not disappointing when it comes to 1080p, overall the game is very satisfying. With this game you’ll feel the experience and playing MLB on your own mobile where you’ve never seen and felt before.

Breaking into number nine we have tennis slam. This game is in U and comes with many improvements, you have the opportunity to experience tennis with outstanding graphics. Players can experience motion capture havoc and close simulations. This game comes with physics engines enabled to upgrade its graphics the characters in this game are the utmost realistic they give players the feel of a real tennis player. The new skill systems in this game are awesome, you’re able to collect new skills like a slice volley drop shot drop and topspin to enjoy tactical ways to play. You can fix different skills for each player.

Moving on to number eight we have skate jam. Skate jam marched the arrival of legendary Tony Hawk saga for Android operating systems after the failed launch of Tony Hawk’s shred session back in 2014. This game was developed by maple media who specializes in creating skateboarding games like the popular skateboard party saga in Tony Hawk skate jam. You’ll find various game modes including the classic career mode and international tournaments where you can compete against other players all around the world. In these tournaments you can see how your scores stack up on a globe scale.

Next up at number seven we have real boxing. The game has great and excellent graphics which will Pleasant you in playing it every day. The game uses the Unreal Engine powered graphics, by using the great graphics you’ll see the good characters, and the realistic motion boxer fighting will look real. It’s very interesting to enjoy. The plot of the game includes more than 30 fights with more than 20 opponents, each of which has its own unique and adaptive fighting styles. The game contains additional opportunities for unblocking including equipment and opponents. The appearance of your fighter is completely under your control.

Coming in at number 6 we have pro football 19 Marshawn Lynch. Pro Football 19 is an arcade simulator of American football in which you have to assume the role of an attacker, and taking possession of the ball to try to get the opposite edge of the field while avoiding obstacles and defenders of the opponent. Despite the fact that at first glance the gameplay may seem rustic, the overall performance of the project adds a lot of positive moments which allows you to defiantly spend time in. The company of athletes play this game in any free time and get the most out of the exciting gameplay.

Top 15 Best Strategy Games for iOS/Android in 2020! – part two

Part one is here.

Another one who loved playing is dawn of titans strategy game. Dawn of titans is on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Age of Ottomans, the graphics are impressive for a smartphone title and not only do you get to control legions of units but you also have a Titan on your side equipped with unique skills and abilities. There are many aspects to this game including developing your town and keeping an eye on what other players near you are up to.

We march forward with dominations! dominations is a pleasant looking game that follows a familiar concept, you build up your town, send troops to destroy and loot other towns so you can train more troops, upgrade buildings and unlock all sorts of goodies. You have more control over the battles than usual with this type of game so there is definitely some skill involved. The game is not just about waiting for timers so you can amass the needed resources for the things you want to do.

Next comes mech country. Mech country is a real-time strategy with a simplified unit design and gameplay that reminds you of StarCraft. You gather resources, build factories and units and try to outmaneuver your AI opponent that’s doing the same somewhere else on the map. From micromanaging units to choosing tech trees, this game provides everything you can expect from a real-time strategy. The best part is that despite costing only a dollar this game has no ads or enough purchases.

Next up we have iron Marines, another starcraft inspired RTS game with a cool looking cartoonish graphics. The main campaign offers 21 missions that get progressively harder, and you also have created stages. If you want to complete all of the available content iron marines will provide you with many hours of entertainment, gameplay and the developers keep making improvements to it.

Another great game you should give a try is battle plants. Battle plans takes you to a well-designed mythical world where you fight for control over islands. Traversing between them on the backs of huge turtles, you assemble your squads, choose a destination to conquer and set out to destroy the enemy’s defenses. After that comes the best part, getting the loot and deciding how you want to use it. As you move on the battles will become challenging and victory harder to achieve so you better be smart about how you’re developing your army.

Top 15 Best Strategy Games for iOS/Android in 2020 part one

Are you tired of mindless gem crushing, and bird flinging? Well, today we have a number of games that will make better use of your brain during your next gaming session.

Here are 15 of the best strategy games for Android and iOS. And we start with the roll total war barbarian invasion.

Total war is one of the most popular strategy game franchises, and fans of the game can enjoy the familiar gameplay on their phones without sacrificing much. Of course, the smaller display does make positioning your armies on the battlefield more challenging, but that’s nothing an experienced commander can deal with. The game will cost you 5 bucks, but for the quality and gameplay depth that you’re getting with it, it’s worth the price.

Next up is grow empires Romans, another wrong team strategy game but this one is not only free but also much more lighthearted with its cartoonish visuals. Gameplay can be best described as a combination of tower defense and tower offense. You have to defend your capital from invaders, but you can also conquer other towns to gain more resources. Unfortunately, as with most other free mobile games there are some premium currencies involved. It can be purchased with real money but even without them you’ll be able to slowly grow your empire.

Number three we have civilization 6, another well-known name in the strategy genre. As usual, you start with a small town thousands of years before Christ and set on a journey through the ages until you build a modern day in megapolis. The game might be too complex for the casual gamer but fans of the franchise will be glad to see that the mobile version is as close as possible to his desktop variant. If you find yourself with hours to kill, civilization 6 will make them pass in a breeze. Unfortunately, Civ 6 is iOS only for now.

Next up we’ve got war commander rogue assault, or Commander is set in a more modern environment where you’re tasked with completing various missions with your force of elite specialists. You can train units, purchase enough great vehicles and expand your base. The graphics are a bit retro but the game is entered lest the next strategy game you should try is the age of ottoman.

Speaking of graphics age of ottoman won’t value with its visuals, at least they provide plenty of entertainment, combined with the voice acting the game is good where it counts which is the battles you won’t see hundreds of Units marching in order instead your futuristic warriors who have to be used optimally in order to complete the mission at hand.