Top 15 Best Strategy Games for iOS/Android in 2020! – part three

Part two is here!

Next up we have badland brawl. Badland Brawl is stretching the definition of strategy games a bit, but it’s fun to play so we threw it in the selection as well. Using a combination of gadgets and units your goal is to destroy your opponent’s tower before he does the same to yours. Upgrades and ammunition can be obtained by opening eggs which are essentially loot boxes, and while the game has a simple concept you’ll have to be quick and accurate with your moves and have a solid strategy prepared beforehead if you want to bring devastation successfully.

Next counts plagg incorporated. Are you sick of pretty colorful game worlds with upbeat music accompanying your every move?

Well flag I&C is a stark contrast from all of that your goal is simple kill everyone on earth. How by creating the ultimate deadly disease with all sorts of pathogens and mutations of a robot. Your disposal bringing death to humans worldwide is way more entertaining than you’d have imagined.

Another strategy game we recommend is incursion tower defense as it becomes clear from the name incursion tower defense is part of the ever-popular tower defense genre. Besides just placing towers and waiting to see what will happen you also get to command your main character and his trusty puppy alongside various other units that can move across the map and help in a pinch. The levels are diverse and well designed so it should be quite hard to get bored.

Next up is all the chests. ‘All the chests’ has exploded in popularity lately, and from its success sprung a whole new sub-genre of strategy games by creating combinations of heroes and formations and placing them on a classic 8×8 chessboard. You spar against one of your seven opponents each round and this one the Auto part comes in. Its units fight on their own and till only members of one team remain. Of course there is some luck involved but each player strategy is what will ultimately bring success or failure.

Last but not least we have dota under Lords. Valve was quick to create Delta under Lords after the release of auto chess. The games are similar but valve has brought some unique features to under Lord, and of course, it uses the familiar heroes and skills from dota 2 both dota under Lords and auto chests are extremely popular right now so opponents are easy to find and your games will start without much delay.

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